"Collect books, even if you don’t plan on reading them right away. Nothing is more important than an unread library."

— Austin Kleon (via bluestockingbookworm)

A pair of lovers whose relationship is often thwarted by outside forces. The stars are working against their relationship. It also refers to destiny and the inevitability of two character’s paths crossing each other.


Look at Sheo sporting Abnegation gray. Tris and Four must be feeling a little homesick.


Robert and Exton Downey Behind the Scenes for Vanity Fair

Listen to me. I want a cheeseburger. I want bacon on it. I know I’m not supposed to. I want a lot of cheese. I want Thousand Islands. I might even put some Mulberry Street Pizza pizza oil.

European Travel Semi-Hiatus

Hey guys,
Well, I’m finally heading off on my European adventure tomorrow. I should have access to wifi along my travels but I highly doubt I’ll be regularly checking in on tumblr during that time. I was hoping to set up a nice queue but been a tad too busy for that to happen so this place might be quite empty for awhile. But then again, I haven’t been too active during the summer months so I guess nothing is really changing. Anyway, if you notice I’m missing and were looking for me, I’m just off exploring some different cultures and land! Feel free to message me though, I’ll be keeping tabs on that more than my dash.

That’s all for now, have a good one! =]

badass ladies: Celaena Sardothien - Throne of Glass (x)


when your book is almost over and there’s too many problems that need to be solved and you just have a mini panic attack like